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Maïté De Bièvre, °1992 (BE) is a visual artist and photographer living in Brussels.
In her practice, she researches different modes of perception and the notion of authorship trough photographic installations and documents.

De Bièvre uses her photographs as components to mark her outer surroundings. It is an absurdist attempt to get a grip on the complexity of our constantly changing natural and technical environment. She considers her photographs as pieces of a broader visual weave — a subjective index — De Bièvre enjoys working on a long term.

Often moving back and forth, she takes both positions as photographer and subject. Her experimental work focuses on the paradox that balances between flat and physical space, and how our bodies relate to it. These process-related experiments initiate from playful gestures and bodily movements. They form an attempt of figuring out what is ungraspable through the medium of photography as well as in relation to a larger complex system.

De Bièvre holds a BA in Photography and graduated from the MA Fine Arts program at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels in 2016. As a freelance photographer she specializes in architecture photography.

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